Are Timeshares Worth It? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Picture this: You're in a conference room with several other people with the understanding that if you sit through a 90-minute presentation, you'll walk away with a free two-night stay in a hotel or free tickets to a show. Next thing you know, though, you're shuffled from room to room, and 90 minutes turns to two, three, even four hours of your time. Then the seemingly inevitable happens: You walk away with way more than you bargained for. You walk away with a timeshare — and one huge unanswered

The do’s & don'ts of being a wedding guest

Wedding guests break the rules all the time — and, honestly, it's easy to do. Choosing an appropriate dress or outfit, spending enough on the wedding gift, bringing a guest or not: They're all valid concerns, and with all the summer and fall weddings coming up on our calendars, we're tired of guessing. So, we reached out to a few experts who gave us the black-and-white deets of wedding guest etiquette. Without further ado, I present to you the do's and don'ts of attending a wedding.

A Designer's Tips for Transforming a Backyard Into a Wedding Venue

Having a backyard wedding comes with its pros and cons. Not only is it more intimate, but — and this is likely the biggest draw — it also allows you to save some serious money. On the flip side, however, you're building the wedding from the ground up, and suddenly you find yourself asking a million questions: How many tables do I need? Do I need a professional to come out here to manicure my lawn? Where do I even start with creating the ceremony backdrop?! Take a breath, though. Yes, it's a lot

Giada De Laurentiis Is Taking Huge Steps to Empower Women in 2018

Giada De Laurentiis: charming Food Network star (and Food Network Star host), Italian chef extraordinaire, cookbook author — and, now, the face, brains and heart behind a new gourmet popcorn line. In partnership with Simply7, De Laurentiis' new line boasts authentic Italian flavors and clean ingredients and comes in three flavors: sea salt and olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and butter. The best part about the popcorn line, though? It helps support women pursuing careers in agriculture too.

How to Meal Prep Like an Olympian

Watching Team USA during the Winter Olympics is quite the experience. The athletes make everything look so effortless and easy, it makes you wonder: How in the world do they prepare for such rigorous events that push their bodies to the limit like that? U.S. Olympic sports nutrition consultant Mike Israetel has the answer — and, no, it has nothing to do with strength training or cardio. In fact, the gym has nothing to do with it.

10 up-and-coming music photographers to follow in 2018

Think about the posters taped or tacked onto your wall and the stunning live shots inserted into every issue of AP. While there’s amazing talent being captured centerstage, there’s also a talented artist on the other side of the lens. So let’s adjust the spotlight and shine it on the photogs who capture it all. Here are 10 up-and-coming music photographers you should keep an eye on—and definitely give a follow on Instagram.

Get to know synth-pop-meets-alt-rock artist, Vesperteen

If you’re yearning for some new anthemic rock, Vesperteen is it. Starting in 2015, Colin Rigsby’s solo project carefully and flawlessly fuses synth/electro-pop and alternative rock, with his latest single, “It Will Never Be Enough,” giving off some serious Bleachers vibes. Even more impressive: For an artist who has only been on the scene for about two years and only one EP and a few singles under his belt, Rigsby has gained over two million Spotify streams. He's even sold out multiple tours ac

Broken Bellows talk new EP 'The Card Table' and life after Reckless Serenade—stream the EP

Before the disbandment of pop/punk indie four-piece Reckless Serenade, vocalist Cory Brent and guitarist Will Prinzi found themselves on the road together while the band was on Warped Tour last summer. Prinzi opened up his laptop, double-clicked on Logic, and the creative juices started flowing. “We'd bounce ideas off of each other to stay awake,” Brent says. “The music we kept coming up with was super different sounding for us, so we sort of took it and ran with it.”

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal's Adam McIlwee talks new EP, Lil Peep and the future of emo

Adam McIlwee wears a few hats: former co-frontman of Tigers Jaw and co-founder of the GothBoiClique 10-person collective, which includes Lil Peep, heralded as “the future of emo.” But it’s his current “emotional trap” project Wicca Phase Springs Eternal that’s closest to his heart. Wicca Phase blends trap, emo and recognizable samples, but it’s his vulnerable voice and lyrics that truly stand out — particularly on the EP released this past July, Raw And Declawed. The EP consists of just three t

Meet surf rock candy band *repeat repeat and listen to new song "Girlfriend"

There’s something addicting about *repeat repeat. Maybe it’s the high-energy “Plugged In” that almost gives you a runner’s high just by listening to it. Or maybe it’s the perfect concoction of surf, rock and pop that make their tracks so sticky sweet and irresistible. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee and signed to Dangerbird Records, *repeat repeat are relatively new to the scene, kicking off their career in 2014 with their debut album Bad Latitude. And now, three years later, the three-piece

If you love Porter Robinson and Peking Duk, then you'll love Strange Talk

The pop-synth version of Strange Talk is gone, but fans shouldn't worry. They may have decreased the number of members in the band from four to two, but the music hasn't suffered one bit — especially if you're an EDM fanatic. The Melbourne, Australia, duo went through quite the transformation this past year. No longer can the media and fans compare them to Cut Copy, Phoenix and Passion Pit. This month, the now-electronic duo dropped their first EP, E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

The Jungle Giants' lead guitarist Cesira Aitken shares her thoughts on Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches

Never heard of The Jungle Giants? It's OK, let lead guitarist Cesira Aitken describe them for you: "If you love denim, denim and pantsuits, then you'll love The Jungle Giants." I'll just let that sink in for a second. In all seriousness, The Jungle Giants hail from Brisbane, Australia, and they're bound to make quite the impression here in the U.S. They're eccentric, fun, upbeat.
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